Imagine Instant Body Contouring Results Without Any Surgery or Downtime.

This ground-breaking body shaping treatment offers a non-invasive solution for; fat reduction, body contouring and instant inch loss

There is no pain or downtime, and you can even have a session during your lunch break.

Whether you spend hours in the gym or follow the strictest diets, many people suffer from small fat pockets that exercise and calorie control cannot shift. Similarly, our metabolism begins to slow as we age, and these problematic fat pockets can develop. Thanks to our inch loss application, this could be a thing of the past in just eight treatments.

Schedule your Laser Lipo Consultation & Initial Treatment 

Cost $280 Time 60 minutes

Popular targeted areas:

  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Back fat
  • Buttocks
  • Bingo wings
  • Knees
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Bra line fat

Laser Lipo Consultation Only

Cost $165 Time 30 minutes

Not ready to get started but want to know what your options are? Learn about our program in detail and allow us to create a customized program that fits your budget, diet and lifestyle.

Laser Lipo Accelerate

*Pre-Consultation is Required*

Cost $240 Time 60 minutes

At Benson Esthetics we recommend Pressotherapy as a particularly effective treatment immediately after your Laser Lipo. Laser Lipo Accelerate is the ultimate way to boost yourhealthy eating plan for losing weight or tackling cellulite.Laser Lipo Accelerate will help your body expel the broken-down fat cells after Lipo and set your body up for a smooth detoxification and body slimming process.

Laser Lipo Double Chin Reduction (Up to 4 sessions required) 

Cost $200 Time 45minutes

Strawberry Lift has been designed to combat cheek definition, lift and tighten the neck and facial jowls. The first non -invasive treatment that gives instant results.

The pain-free treatment helps reduce fat cells and works to form new collagen; lifting and tightening the skin with incredible long-lasting results.

Pressotherapy Total Body Wellness Program

$280 Time 60 minutes

Our treatment program works on multiple levels of the body including:


  • It helps people suffering from Lymphoedema, Lipoedema, or local swelling (oedema).
  • It is effective with clients who travel regularly by plane, and want to get rid of all the excess fluids retained in the body.
  • It’s commonly used as a pre- and post-liposuction treatment, or simply body shaping (a reduction of cellulite through external slimming and detoxifying of the body).
  • Rapid relief and comfort for clients suffering from heavy legs, water retention, cellulite, and poor circulation (stimulating the immune & circulatory systems).


  • Athletes have used Pressotherapy to improve their physical fitness, in order to tone their muscles and joints. It can aid muscle relaxation by reducing muscle fatigue and strengthening the connective tissue.
  • It relieves pain and provides immediate comfort as a non-invasive treatment.


  • A perfect boost in improving circulatory system disorders or venous issues, such as varicose veins, tired legs, and heavy limbs.
  • The treatment improves the recovery of the skin’s elasticity, by increasing oxygen in tissues that aid cell regeneration.


  • It can also alleviate digestive problems, when directly applied to the abdomen. This stimulates bowel transit and relieves constipation.

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Pressotherapy Arm Slimming

Set of 5 Treatments $500

Pressotherapy device is using air to create a dynamic and effective massage for your legs or arms. By sequentially pressurising different chambers of the boots or sleeve it increases lymph and blood circulation in your legs,arms that reduces swelling, water retention or tiredness. It helps also to recover faster by removing waste products of our metabolism like lactic acid from active lifestyle and sports. The process itself feels great and pleasurable, similar like a good leg or arm massage.

Pressotherapy Leg Detox & Slimming

Set of 5 Treatments $550

The benefits of pressotherapy for the legs are countless: pressotherapy reduces leg swelling caused by fluid retention; relieves pain and inflammation in legs caused by lymphoedema; Promotes muscle recovery after excessive physical exertion (many hours standing or intense sports activity).