Sasha Benson/ Owner

CEO, Founder of Benson Esthetics, Skincare Specialist, Med Spa Consultant, Certified Acne Expert, Nutrition Specialist, Certified Dermaplane Pro, Circadia Partner, PCA Skin Professional, Female Entrepreneur Of  The Year Nominee 2021,2022, Entrepreneur Of The Year Winner 2023

What do you do for a living?

Wife to an amazing, loving and supportive husband, mother to 2 incredibly active, creative and sweet little girls, Skincare Specialist, Certified Acne Expert, Nutrition Specialist, Certified Dermaplane Pro, Med Spa Consultant, CEO, Founder of Benson Esthetics – devoted to helping men and women regain their confidence by achieving beautiful, radiant and healthy skin.

How would you describe what you do?

I spend my workdays giving all different types of facials and body treatments (acne, age management, relaxing, deep pore cleaning, teen facials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, diamond abrasion, micro current facial toning).  I also have a menu full of minor skin irregularity treatments for skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, DPN, cherry angioma, keratosis and telangiectasia.

What does your work entail?

My work entails everything that I listed above and much more.  Being a Skincare Specialist and Spa Owner I know that I must be reliable and educated to provide extreme value to my clients as the industry has become very saturated.  I not only give spa treatments and services to my clients, but I also oversee the financials of the spa which include paying bills, organizing advertising and marketing promotions, cleaning up to ensure the spa meets Covid requirements and it looks spotless for every client who walks in the door, setting up appointments for maintenance and repairs. I am in charge of training all new estheticians and specialists that come to work at my spa.

 I work extremely hard while I am at the spa, ensuring my clients have my undivided attention and a customized treatment each time they come in. This allows me to really give them the results they are looking for. Most of my clients have been with me for over a decade so quite often the treatment room is filled with laughter and ends with a little girl chat which I absolutely love! I feel thankful to be so busy and am grateful that my business continues to grow throughout a very challenging economic time.

How did you get started?

Before launching a career in the industry, I spent 2 years studying accounting and business law. I worked in an executive position and quickly got bored with the pencil skirt, high heels, makeup, invites for drink after work type of lifestyle. So I ditched my pumps for sneakers and a pair of scrubs and followed my heart into skincare.

My first job after obtaining my GA State License I was hired as a Med Spa Consultant to build a Medical Spa practice for a local dentist. Since then I have managed 3 Med Spa’s and built 3 spas from the ground up with the third being my very own.

What do you like about what you do?

As an esthetician, I love educating and helping women and teens to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.  

As a spa owner I love the stability of knowing that I have a business of my own and full creative control of how I want run my spa and which services I want to offer.