YEAR 2023
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Ethical & Results
Driven Aesthetics

With customized treatments for every client, years of extensive training, and a bi-weekly radio segment full of skin gems, we go all in to help you fall back in love with your skin.

What We Do

Restoring your skin confidence from the inside out.

The Power Microcurrent

Did you know?

Microcurrent magic zaps tiny electrical pulses through your skin, mimicking your body’s natural electric vibe. This enchanting zap dance gives your facial muscles a lift, earning it the glamorouns titles of “facial toning” or “non-surgical face lift”.

Our cutting-edge treatment, The BE Face Lift, works its magic with top-notch anti-aging peptide masks and superhero antioxidants! Get ready for a skin transformation that will have you feeling like a lifted, firmer, and younger version of yourself. The BE Face Lift

Cost $320 /Time 75 Minutes

Benson Esthetics the academy

For skin professionals and nurses looking to expand their Esthetics career..

Client Consultations

Our consultations are a great place to start for clients who are ready to kickstart their skincare routine.

Hi, I’m New.

I’ve never had a facial before and I want to refresh my skin with a gentle polish.

I’m a Skin Veteran

I’ve been getting facials for years and I have a great at home skincare routine. I’m ready to take my skin to the next level.

30 Minute
Skin Zap

Skin Tags, Milia, Clogged Pores, DPN, Brown Spots, Cherry Angiomas & “Moles”

Body Treatments

Back treatments, Intimate Area Peels, Neck Treatments and more.

Body Contouring & Weight Loss

Lymphatic Drainage
Inch Loss
Fat Reduction

Skin Transformations

Show me the #BE Elites!

What Our Elites Say

Got me over here thinking about giving up foundation. Mrs. Benson or ms Fenty I am conflicted. Lol Whoo Chile

Benson Client

Good Day, Thanks so much for this!! I feel good taking this journey to improve my skin!!

Benson Client

Not to knock other businesses but I have been to several spas and none of them are as thorough as Benson Esthetics. They never educated me about my skin or have shown me what my skin actually needs. They just sold me products. The most they asked was "How is your skin feeling?" I'm very impressed with BE. Now I have a customized plan for my unique skin and I can't wait to get started.

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R.E -Sandy's Parish

"I can't believe how easy it was to book an appointment. I called and was offered an appointment the same week. The therapist explained everything so clearly to me. She was kind, thorough and patient. It was such a pleasant experience. On top of that I lost 4 inches off my Abdomen. I'm looking forward to my next Laser Lipo Appointment."

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R.D -Smith's Parish

I'm so glad I did the Laser Lipo program. I've had a dress just sitting in my closet for years. I tried it on before starting this program and thought I may never be able to wear this dress again. I didn't like how my stomach looked in it and it made me a bit depressed. Towards the end of my program I decided to try on the dress again and it fits perfectly! Even my husband notices the results. I'm so happy and motivated to stick to my workout routine and continue to take care of myself. I have already told my friends about this program it's for women like me!

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S.F -Smith's Parish

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